• Founder and Trustee, UBAT

    Pradeep was born on 21st June, 1967 in, ‘The City of Joy’, Kolkata, India. He grew up in, ‘The Commercial Capital of India’, Mumbai, India. Since May’ 2000 Pradeep lives in USA. Pradeep graduated in Commerce. He further acquired degrees in Cost Accounting and Law. He started his career as a Cost Accountant in 1988; then moved in to Information Technology in 1996. He plans to retire from corporate world in 2020; and then start Yoga-Retreat-Center in India. In 2016 Pradeep materialized his decades old dream of starting a Charitable Trust; and thus UBAT was born!!! Influenced by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Pradeep became a strong follower of Vedanta philosophy, which he is pursuing for last 3 decades. Based on that knowledge he has authored a book, Married Monk- Secret of living a happy life. Pradeep has 2 major Yoga Teaching certifications. Teaching Yoga is not just his second profession, but is also his passion. Pradeep’s vision is to make UBAT India’s largest Charitable Trust; with more than half a million volunteers all over the country, and also remotely from abroad, serving the poor, downtrodden, and other less fortunate people of India.

  • Trustee, UBAT

    Apoorvaa was born in Indore, India.  She grew up in Mumbai.  Now she lives in Chicago, and runs multiple business unit called Uthista Bhumi Yogashram LLC with her husband, Pradeep.


    She has a college degree in Commerce; and diplomas in Fashion designing and Yoga teaching.  Now she is pursuing certifications in Chinese Language and Medical Yoga Therapy.


    Apoorvaa has always been active member in social and spiritual groups.  Apoorvaa and Pradeep are working on setting up a Yoga-Retreat-Center in Palghar, near Mumbai.

  • Trustee, UBAT

    Devaray Nayak was born and brought up in a small seaside town called Ankola in India.  He did his college graduation in Arts with a specialization in Economics.  He has always been very active on social front.  He has been a member of the RSS, NCC, and NSS during his college days.


    Devaray relocated to Mumbai for further studies, and pursued a DAM from JBIMS, and later completed his MHRDM from NMIMS.


    He has worked for several companies, both national and multinational during his career, and was assigned offshore projects in London, Bahrain, etc.

    Trustee, UBAT

    Pradnya has a Master’s degree in Sociology from University of Pune, India.  She also has a diploma in Journalism from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan.


    Pradnya is Bharatnatyam Dancer by profession.  She had taken advance training in Bharatnatyam from Temple of Fine Arts, Coimbtore.  She runs her own classical dance school, ‘Chidvilasini’.


    She won various awards like, 'Singar Mani' from Dursingar Sansad, Mumbai; Mood Indigo award; Limca Harmony award, and many more.

  • Executive Volunteer, UBAT

    Dr. Laxmikant Estari Dasari, MBBS is a Diabetologist by profession.  He mainly practices at Dr. Kotnis Hospital, NTPC Ltd., Solapur, India; as Ad-hoc doctor in National Thermal Power Corporation.


    Dr. Dasari plans to start his own clinic, and is also thinking of establishing a Nursing Home or Hospital in Solapur.


    In spite of his busy professional schedule, Dr. Dasari has been a continuous supporter of UBAT right from inception.


    UBAT is highly obliged to Dr. Dasari’s support by way of free Medical Advices

  • Executive Volunteer, UBAT

    Maya Manish Hindlekar was born in Malvan, India; and brought up in Goa, along with 3 siblings; she is one of the twins.


    Maya is highly qualified; and by profession she is an Advocate.  Maya is involved in all legal procedures of UBAT right since the beginning.  Maya is a highly professional person, though the fact is that she hardly wanted to deprive her family of its time by becoming a working woman.  However, in the interest of persistent support and encouragement by her husband and in-laws, she agreed to pursue a degree in Law, and then started a career as an advocate.


    Maya, though a successfu

  • Executive Volunteer, UBAT

    Mrs. Geeta Kishore Tejnani was born on 8th October 1962 in Mumbai. She graduated in Arts in Psychology and Sociology with additional professional diplomas in Ecced & Special Education. She has been working in the education sector for past 7 years.


    Geeta has been an active volunteer of UBAT right from inception.

  • Executive Volunteer, UBAT

    Mrs. Vinita Sadhnani was born on 18th May 1970 in Nasik, now is based in Mumbai. She has a diploma in Home Science and is interested in art/crafts and cooking.

    Being a housewife she conducts regular summer camps and tuitions for kids. She also has a business of garments and takes part in exhibitions in India.

    She loves serving people and being a part of UBAT.

  • Executive Volunteer, UBAT

    Ramesh Rajmogali Kandikatla was born in 1979 in Solapur, India.  He still lives in the same city with his wife and two beautiful daughters.  By profession he is a Salesman.


    Ramesh has very positive attitude, and is a person of great confidence.  He likes reading; and is always up to date with news.


    Ramesh is also a registered movie story writer; and has humongous contacts in the Indian film industry.  His writings are very creative, and about social issues; and his dream is to make movies on those themes.


    One of the biggest contribution of Ramesh to Mankind and UBAT is his dream of making a full-fledged movie on the spreading of awareness of the importance of Organ donation.  This movie will be released under UBAT banner!  This movie is intended to ch

  • Executive Volunteer, UBAT

    Ajit was born in Satara, India, and brought up in Mumbai.  By qualification Ajit is an Electrical Engineer.  He is in construction line, and runs a vehicle trading firm.


    He likes to help people.  He is connected to various social groups.  He admires UBAT’s Manifesto, and loves to work for UBAT.

  • Executive Volunteer, UBAT

    Ms. Raju Sadhnani was born on 19th October 1951. She is a homemaker.  She has two adorable grandchildren, and puts great effort in upbringing them with great values and culture. She is an independent women actively participating in social and spiritual group events.  She is also a Yoga trainer. 

  • Executive Volunteer, UBAT

    Rekha Patankar is a reputed school teacher in Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC).  By qualifications she has a Master’s degree in Arts, and Bachelor’s degree in Education from most renowned SNDT Mumbai University.


    Besides her hobbies in Drawing, Sports, and reading Marathi literature; she is a well-known social worker.


    She has been a big part of Scout Guide Movement for last 15 years.


    Rekha loves her teaching profession; and she is loved by her students, especially because of her good and open conversations with each and every pupil.  Rekha considers her students to be her source of energy.  She claims that her students are her guide for helping her live a stress-free life.


    Rekha is extremely thankful to God for giving her a wonderful life partner, a cute son, rest of her family and friends; and last but not the least her wonder

  • Executive Volunteer, UBAT

    Mrs Vandana Sadhwani was born on 21.6.1961 in Nasik. After marriage settled in Manila Philippines for 10 years.  Later settled in Nasik.  As a housewife she started conducting cooking classes; cooking being her hobby she taught cooking to young girls and ladies.  She also joined Tupperware and Herbalife Kenstar.  Have won many cookery competitions and have done many free demos and Bakery Seminars.  She is passionate about cooking, and feeding people.  She loves to do charitable work.

  • Executive Volunteer, UBAT

    Amrapali  kshirsagar born on 25 january 1975. Grew up in a city of pilgrimage Nasik. Last 20 years in kolhapur city the people with golden heart. Enjoy my life with small kids their inoccence that teaches me every day new way to love, care, share. Running preschools from 8 years. Satisfaction starts when we see a smile on other face this is how I started my social life. When u really have passion to do noble work the doors n ways are infinity. Trying to do a small part through my educational, cultural and social duty to serve humanity. Hands together can serve  happiness forever.

  • Lead Volunteer, UBAT

    My name is Prasad Kulkarni born 17sept 1972 in Baroda I completed my MBA from Nagpur University and currently belong to Nashik I took the passion towards working for unprivileged 2 years back we worked for fighting food wastage by collecting the extra waste food and distributing it among the needy I have a 21 years of glorious professional career in marketing working for top companies spanning various places like southern & western India and currently owner a sports turf business..

    I look forward to all of you as a inspiration and gaining more experience in working for better tomorrow of unprivileged people.  Thanks for letting me work with UBAT Nashik thanks to Vandanaji for giving me this opportunity

    Looking forward with great interest to work with all of you

  • Lead Volunteer, UBAT

    Hey this is Nisha Deshmukh born on 14th of October 1976 in Shirpur district of Maharashtra. I completed my primary education from kolhapur, Amravati and then settled in Amalner, Jalgaon in Maharashtra. Because of my father's frequent transfers I have experienced a diverse environment since childhood. I have spent a couple of years with people from every part of Maharashtra. I am a commerce graduate from Pratap College of Amalner. And this wasn't the last destination for me. I then came to Mumbai 'The city of Dreams' to become a beautician. Now I am settled at Nasik after my marriage. I firmly believe that worshiping God isn't the only way to attain spiritual satisfaction, it can also be attained by helping and serving people.

  • Lead Volunteer, UBAT

    Mrs. Rita Thakkar was born on 9th June 1968 in Mumbai. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.


    Rita loves being a housewife.  Her hobbies include reading, especially spiritual books.  She is interested in learning new things.


    Rita loves all kinds of social activities; and she loves serving people, and being a part of UBAT.

  • Lead Volunteer, UBAT

    Mr. Hari Sadhnani was born on 10th July 1943. He has a rich work experience of 40 years as a General Manager in the Sea Food and Fishery Industry. He is an extremely down to earth person, with a kind heart, always willing to help and serve people in need. His engagement with UBAT will be of great help.

  • Lead Volunteer, UBAT

    Ms. Ruchi Sadhnani was born on 16th November 1983. She is Graduate in Commerce with professional Diploma in Fashion Designing.  She has worked in Manufacturing and Export Company as Accountant.  Presently working as an Entrepreneur in Fashion Designing.  She takes interest in participating in social activities, and feels glad to take the opportunity to be part of UBAT.

  • Lead Volunteer, UBAT

    Geetika Hemnani was born on 26.4.1967, and brought up in the cyber city of India, Hyderabad, Geetika is now settled in Nashik with a loving family; husband and 2 kids.


    She is a Commerce graduate with a diploma in computer applications, and has always been inclined towards spirituality and sewa. 


    She believes being a homemaker is an art in itself, and has always been content with the small pleasures of life. 


    She loves spending time with family. Now with grown up kids and leisure time on hand, she would like to devote her time in spreading joy and spending some quality time with the less fortunate ones. To achieve this, she is associated with UBAT, and looks forward to give back to society in any way she can.

  • Lead Volunteer, UBAT

    Perpetual Rajaratnam is a well-known member of the social service community in Mumbai; especially in Borivali area. A proactive resident of the area, she has been instrumental in providing assistance to people of various communities through her active co-ordination with local officials on civil and municipal matters.  She has also provided countless hours of service in helping improving the quality of lives of the women and children living in lower income areas through education, communication, and volunteering.

  • Lead Volunteer, UBAT

    Bharati S. Adiyar, from past 17 years, has been working in the Automobile field as a Customer Relationship Manager.  Currently she works as a Customer Relationship Manager at Millennium Toyota.


    Bharati is a long time social service provider.  She joined UBAT in 2017.

  • Lead Volunteer, UBAT

    Babita, 47 lives in Borvali, Mumbai.  She has 2 sons.  She loves reading, walking, and being with friends. Babita is a housewife.  Babita is a focus volunteer, serving on various projects of UBAT.

  • Lead Volunteer, UBAT

    Nita’s hometown is Pune.  Nita completed schooling, college, and lived the best part of my life in Pune. Later Delhi; and then the picturesque city of Dehradun.  Thankful to God for a supportive family, admirable kids, and a fabulous Granddaughter.  Nita lives by the adage, “God's will, his way, my faith. Our heart is a temple, and the philosophy is kindness”.  Nita is happy to be part of UBAT, and commits to be an active volunteer.