[Registration Number: E-32575 (Mumbai, India).  Established on 15-Oct-2016]

UBAT's Mission

There are two situations where a person’s dignity is shattered. One when one is unable to arrange basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter for oneself or loved ones. Two when a person has emotional breakdown but afraid to get counseling help due to fear of stigma. In both situations, the solution to the problem of one person lies with another. There is just a need of a vehicle that would connect these two people; so that one person can help the other. UBAT is that channel.

UBAT started making India a better society by feeding the poor. It is slowly venturing into several other projects to give every individual a dignified life. And, finally UBAT aims achieving something truly huge, such as providing air ambulance facility, making India a beggar free nation, and abolishing child labor from the country.